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Download our warranty promise.

Should our products show manufacturing or material defects, MEDEALIS guarantees a new delivery of the products without additional costs.

The warranty period for abutments manufactured by us, including the abutment screw, is 30 years from the date of delivery. Docklocs® abutments are guaranteed for 3 years. All retention inserts and their housings are subject to natural wear and tear and are therefore excluded from the warranty.

We do not only guarantee the quality and durability of our original MEDEALIS components. Our customers also receive a guarantee on the external implant that has been supplied with our components. MEDEALIS will cover the material cost of a replacement implant if the manufacturer limits or rejects a warranty on its implant because it has been combined with one of our products. All you have to do is submit the proven material costs to us in a written form.

For implants of other manufacturers we give a guarantee, which is also given by the manufacturer for the same product, but at most 30 years from delivery.

No new warranty or extension of the warranty is associated with the warranty service.

Exclusion of warranty: All retention inserts and their housings are subject to natural wear and tear and are therefore excluded from the warranty.

Furthermore, we do not grant any warranty:

  • During the healing phase of the implant
  • For immediate supplies
  • Damage to our products or implants
  • External influences such as accidents or comparable events, as well as incorrect treatment
  • Failure of implants of other manufacturers, e.g. due to manufacturing or material defects
  • Failure of our products or implants due to contraindications such as alcoholism, diabetes, drug addiction or severe nicotine addiction.
  • Failure to observe and apply the instructions provided, see instructions for use.

Please note that further claims and consequential damages such as laboratory costs or costs of clinical and/or dental treatment are not covered.

This is a voluntary warranty. It is in addition to the statutory warranty claims and product liability and does not affect them. In addition, our general conditions of sale apply. The assignment of rights from this warranty requires our consent. In the event of a warranty claim, please request the relevant documentation. MEDEALIS reserves the right to change or terminate the additional guarantee promise at any time. This clause does not affect products that were used before the modification or termination of the warranty promise.

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